Project on Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping” refers to a process through which the competencies of the necessary process are identified. It is done to determine the critical activities of the mandatory processes of the organization. If Competency Mapping is done, then the organization can identify its area of thrust and can take necessary actions for future implementation of the activities. In the Competency Mapping, the process is break down into sub components named as activities and the competency of all these activities are identified.
Organizations perform the task of Competency Mapping to determine the areas which are crucial for its proper working and success. The competencies which are included in the identification are Managerial, Behavioral, Technical, Skill based, Attitude based and Conceptual Knowledge based. All these aspects together lead to determine the actual status of the activity completion and process functioning which is important for the organization.
Competency Mapping is made up of two terms – Competency + Mapping, Where, Competency refers to clarify any underlying characteristic that is required to perform the process or the activity and Mapping refers to the scheduling of the activities in a sequential order. Together, Competency Mapping refers to the proper scheduling of the activities which are required for the completion of the crucial processes.
Organization seeking to establish a highly effective and efficient work force must develop a competency mapping technique, but research suggests that most organizations fail to recognize the competencies of the employees and utilize them efficiently thus disabling the employees to work at their best. The aim of this surveys find out,” competency level of the employees” and to provide various suggestions in order to enrich the present level of performance of the employees.

                     When organizations recognize that people are truly their most valuables resource them one of the roles they accept is helping employees manage their careers. Competency mapping is an important resource in this environment, and is an adjunct to knowledge management and other organizational initiatives.
                    Competency mapping process is designed to consistently measure and assess individual and group performance as it relates to the expectations of the organizations and customers. It is used to identify key attributes (knowledge, skills, and behavior attributes) that are required to perform effectively in a job classification or an individual process.
                   Competency mapping juxtaposes two sets of data. One set is based on organizational work flow and processer. It starts with the clear articulation of work flow and process including all quality and quantity requirements, input and outputs, decision criteria, and most important, internal and external customer requirements. For each step in each process. Specific performance are identify with all associated metrics and expectations. The other set of data is based on individual and group performance.
                   Capabilities it is collected through the utilization of a variety of assessment tools and procedures (which may include a lowest 360-degree feedback process) to assess the extent to which individuals and group can consistency demonstrate over time the competencies required to meet expectations.

                      Where the output from the organizational maps meets the individual and group performance capabilities, an overall trend line is created that identified where in the process specific developmental opportunity exists, and with what specific population.